Essential Oils 101

The Essential Oil Use Methods Many people have there preferred the method of using essential oils. However, as we develop a greater understanding of how essential oils should be used, we have to adapt our actions accordingly. All application methods are safe, but only when used appropriately. You don’t have to stick with only one […]

ENTJ Dating and Relationship Guide

Did you know that ENTJ trailblazers have a propensity for dating and being in committed relationships? Do you know which personality type rejects ENTJ almost every time? ENTJ is one of the rarest Myers-Briggs personality types, whose strong traits come out boldly in romantic settings. ENTJs have a lot they bring to relationships, like: • […]

ENTJ 101

ENTJ 101 is a guide on how to make your ENTJ footprint in work, love, and life. Everything we think and feel in life is on a spectrum of related experiences, but it was Katherine Myers and Isabel Briggs who turned those spectrums into the instrument we call the MBTI. The ENTJ personality type is […]

Au Pair 101

The travel industry is a thriving market and literally, everyone and their mother has a travel blog now a days. Social media is also a huge promoter for traveling, people from all sides of the world are posting amazing pictures of the places they discover with hashtags like #traveltheworld. However, traveling and exploring foreign countries […]

Anti-Bullying 101

When you are trying to rise above a situation that you are struggling with, you may think it’s counterproductive to dream. I understand – when we think of dreaming, we may think of how we walk around with our heads in the clouds, unaware of reality. Some people think that dreaming is essentially like living […]

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